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What is QAI?

QAI, developed by renowned academics, is a program designed to level the playing field in venture by accelerating the acquisition of fundamental knowledge and principles.

At the heart of QAI lies a rigorous exam + investing simulation that evaluates a candidate’s proficiency in twelve (12) key areas, including regulatory oversight, company evaluation, revenue modeling, financial analysis, valuation, equity stacks, deal structuring, and overall aptitude.

Candidates who score 70% or higher on the exam and complete the startup investing simulation earn the coveted QAI certification, which attests to their advanced level of sophistication in venture.

Level the Playing Field

Our Primary Mission

QAI, which stands for Qualified Accredited Investor, is an initiative founded by Doriot® Venture Labs ( in partnership with award-winning venture professors from the Indiana University Kelley School of Business.

The program is designed to establish an advanced standard of market and financial sophistication exam for determined venture capitalists, angel investors, founders, and other individuals participating in the startup and venture investing ecosystem.

By providing an objective standard, QAI aims to promote greater diversity, inclusivity, and returns in venture.

Level the Playing Field

Secondary Objective: SEC Approval

QAI is the first to petition the US Securities and Exchange Commission to approve its program to certify non-millionaires as accredited investors via an education path.

The basis of our petition is that "wealth" is not a proxy for investing sophistication in the private markets. By expanding access to accredited investor status through objective testing, individuals can attain the financial sophistication required to invest in private offerings successfully.

QAI's commitment to increasing opportunities and promoting greater diversity in the startup and venture investing economy is reflected in this initiative, which has the potential to level the playing field for non-millionaire investors and increase access to high-potential investment opportunities.

Why QAI?

Certification is the ultimate disruption of venture

Individuals in leadership positions within the venture hierarchy frequently discuss the idea of democratizing venture, but words without action only preserve the status quo. Thus, the push for democratization will come from outsiders, and Certification forms the core of this transformation. The QAI initiative holds immense significance for the future of venture because it aims to break barriers and create a more inclusive landscape.

By obtaining certification and becoming part of the QAI community as a stakeholder, you have the unique opportunity to play a vital role in shaping the future trajectory of QAI. Your active involvement will be crucial in guiding us towards the shared vision of democratizing venture, ensuring that the industry becomes more accessible and equitable for everyone involved.


Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Why was QAI launched?

In contrast to the SEC’s regulation of the public markets, there is currently no equivalent regulatory framework governing the private markets. This lack of oversight allows founders to issue equity without extensive scrutiny, while angel investors and syndicate leaders can invest primarily based on meeting net worth criteria. Even venture capitalists are not obligated to pass a competency exam. As a result, numerous poor decisions are made, leading to substantial losses. This occurs because individuals rely on personal biases and emotions rather than possessing an objective and comprehensive understanding of venture economics. In short, the integration of a minimal standard of competency will greatly increase market efficiency and protections for both investors and founders.

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