The QAI Curriculum

What's in the program?

The QAI program teaches and tests for fundamental venture knowledge across 14 key modules, including:

1. Finance Fundamentals

• Private Capital Markets • SEC & Regulatory Oversight • Timeless Investing Principles

2. Early-Stage Investing

• Categories of Investors • Startup Investing Stages • Special Purpose Vehicles • Analyzing & Scoring Deals

3. Following the Money

• Evaluating Revenue Models • Finding Product-Market Fit • Reading Financial Statements • Interpreting Financial Projections

4. Future Forecasting

• Startup Exit Strategies • Assessing Risks • Startup Valuation Methods

5. Company & Investor Management

• Company Formation • Equity Stack Management • Cap Tables & Waterfall Projections

6. Structuring Deals

• Conducting Due Diligence • Negotiating Priced Rounds • Navigating Market Conditions

Accelerate your learning Curve

Unmatched Learning Outcomes

In the fast-paced world of venture, time is valuable, and achieving mastery quickly is essential. The QAI program is meticulously designed to expedite the path to sophistication, minimizing the time investment required while maximizing the level of expertise attained.



Hours invested to achieve equivalent competency

200-250 hours

25-30 hours

Principles verified by academic experts and industry professionals



Rigorous exam to demonstrate comprehension of principles



Venture Investing Simulation to backtest your strategies



Credential earned demonstrating mastery of venture



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