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Be among the first to be QAI certified and help shape the future of education in venture. Cohort #2 is limited to 100 participants.

Benefits of being among the first

Gain exclusive benefits by being a part of this innovative initiative.

60% discount on materials, exam, and certification
1-year membership in the QAI Venture Community
Earn "Forever Status" as being a member of the top 250!
Receive an exclusive QAI t-shirt and special certificate upon completion
Help make venture history - this has never been attempted!

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Deadline to apply for Cohort #2: December 15, 2023

Join the first wave of venture leaders setting a new standard of market sophistication. Cohort #2 is limited to 100 participants.

6-week program launches February 15, 2024

The 6-week program is designed to accommodate your preferred pace of progress. You will have weekly opportunities to engage with instructors, ensuring that you can seek clarity and receive guidance whenever needed.


5 min

QAI materials shipped

Live introductory session

30 min

Pre-assessment survey

15 min

Self-Study (materials)

5-20 hours

Live Friday "Office Hours"


Take multiple choice exam

2-3 hours

Startup Investing Simulation

10 min/day (2 weeks)

Earn certification

Post-assessment survey

30 min

Cohort#2 receives 60% off full program price

Cohort#1 receives 70% off program price of $999

Cohort #2 participants will receive the special pilot price of $399 - 60% off the full $999 QAI program price. During the 6-week program, the cohort will meet weekly with instructors for discussion and real-time interaction.


Exam Prep Manual
800 Anki Flash Cards
Asynchronous Video Sessions
Weekly Live "Office Hours"
2 official written exam attempts
Startup Investing Simulation
QAI digital certificate
1-year membership in QAI community
Money-back guarantee if not satisfied

Apply to join Cohort #2!